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Frequently Asked Questions about interlibrary loan


  • What is an interlibrary loan demand ?

It is to get a document or the copy of a document the UPPA libraries don't owe from another library

  • Who can make an interlibrary loan demand ?

The teachers/researchers and the UPPA students (start from the 3rd year of university) who have validated their inscription to the library, and also any external person who has paid their inscription rights to the library

  • Is this service charged ?

Yes, the prices are available for consultation here

  • What can I get from the interlibrary loan ?

Any document (book, article of journal, thesis and dissertation) can be asked by interlibrary loan with the condition it is not in paper or digital format at the UPPA (please refer to the Aleph catalogue and also our databases and online journals)

  • Can the interlibrary loan get me any type of document ?

The answer is no, indeed, can not be demand by the interlibrary loan :

the loan of an ancient, precious, damage, fragile document (a book from the 19th century for example)

the loan of an important size document (an encyclopaedia in several volumes for example)

the loan of a guide or a reference publication (dictionary, report...)

the entire copy of a book, a journal issue etc... for technical and legal reasons

  • Who do I have to contact to make an interlibrary loan demand ?

You can either make your demand online (Article demand, publication or thesis demand), either contact the interlibrary loan office (PEB-PAU (peb @ univ-pau.fr) ou PEB-COTE BASQUE (peb.bubab @ univ-pau.fr)), either adress to your library reception

  • Can I borrow the book at home ?

It is the lending library which decides of the consultation mode : on-site, in one of the UPPA's libraries or at your home

  • How much time it need to obtain a document ?

Everything depends on the time the external library take to treat the demand and the postal and internal delays.

For a document coming from a French university library, a delay of four to eight days is usually noticed.

  • When will I know the document is well arrived ?

The interlibrary loan service will contact you as soon as possible from the document reception (by telephone or e-mail)

  • Can I ask for a document which is abroad ?

Yes, the expedition periods are often longer compared to a French library and the cost is higher

  • How long last the loan of a document ?

An average period of 15 days to 1 month is usually granted by the lending library Anyway, you will be warn of the granted period each time you will come to collect a document

  • Can I ask for a loan extension ?

It is the lending library which agreed, or not, a loan extension If this prolongation is necessary to you, you must therefore make the demand to the interlibrary loan service of your library at least one week before the end of the loan

  • Can you send directly the document at my place ?

No, documents have to be collected at the interlibrary loan office that you appealed to

  • My reader account is momentarily blocked. Can I still do an interlibrary loan demand ?

Your responsibility as a reader is engaged for any document loaned, either it was obtained thanks to the interlibrary loan or by a UPPA library If your reader account present a dispute, we thank you to regularize your situation in advance