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The UPPA Master dissertationsdigital submission and dissemination


1. Mandatory submission to the University Library in digital format


Warning : the mandatory submission of digital master's dissertation is in test for 2014-2015. It concerns for now only some Masters' specialities. Students have to report to their department's instructions.

The UPPA has made the choice by decision of the Commission for the Formation and the Student Life dated January 29th 2015, not to archive any more the Master dissertation under paper format, and to make mandatory the digital dissertation submission for the student (copies of the dissertation under paper format are reserved for the jury's members and the candidate).

If the dissertation has been retained by the examination committees to be disseminated on the national platform DUMAS, he has to integrate all the corrections asked by the jury after the defence.

The Master 1 and Master 2 dissertations of research and professional type, are examination official documents : students must drop them off, and universities have to archive them under  certain conditions.

This digital mandatory submission determines the given authorization to the student to support his dissertation. A final discharge will in fact be given by the university library once the dissertation's digital version has be given.

You have to present this final discharge signed to your viva's jury to be authorized to support.


Submission process

1. Before the viva1, the student gives his Master dissertation under digital format to the University Library (either on a USB key or by mail). He will received a final discharge authorizing him to support.

2. The day of the viva, the student gives to his dissertation director the final discharge and the dissemination contract that he signed before, in two original copies, to authorize or not the dissemination of his dissertation.  The submission of the final discharge and the dissemination contract in two original copies is a sine qua non of the support authorization.

3. After the viva, if the dissertation has been held by the jury to be disseminated on DUMAS, a new digital copy of the dissertation, which includes the corrections asked by the jury if necessary, must be given by the student to the Library (by USB key or send by email to the concerned University Library).

⇒To know more download the submission process.


⇒See the list of Library contacts for digital submission


1Or the day of viva, depending on the Master. In that last case, the student gives his digital dissertation on a USB key to the jury.

2. Dissertation dissemination

Dissertations will be stored on the university server and will receive wide and accessible dissemination, on express authorization of eligible parties1:


Contrary to the submission, the dissemination is not mandatory.


As opposed to the submission, the dissertation distribution isn't mandatory and must be submitted to the authorization of the student and the viva jury, and sometimes to the company where the student did his training and on which his dissertation will be based. Indeed, the company can decide to restrict the dissertation distribution for data confidentiality reasons, via an embargo period during which the distribution is delayed.
Dissertations are archived on the university server and are distributed to the UPPA university community only on demand (login and password), on express authorization of eligible parties and the defence jury as indicated in the dissertation distribution contract. They are pointed out on our online library catalog.

Distribution on the DUMAS national platform

Some Master dissertations are declared by the viva jury eligible to a submission and a distribution on the national platform DUMAS (University Post-Viva Dissertation Deposit). The eligibility standards are defined by each department (mark limit and/or choice on a case-by-case basis).

Only the heads of the following Masters have, for now, validated a DUMAS procedure :

- Master of arts, letters, languages and civilizations

  • literacy history and poetry path
  • politic, society and speech of English-speaking domain path
  • rhetoric of arts path

- Master of Culture, arts and societies, 

- Master of geography, development & sociology, sustainable development, adjustment, society and territory path.

The submission on Dumas is done by the librarians.

3. Dissertation presentation and copyright

The access to the dissertations on the server is only possible for the UPPA University community and after authentication, so as to protect the dissertations from plagiarism. They are pointed out on our online librarary catalog

Some Master dissertations which have been declared eligible by the jury after the defence1 can be the object of a submission AND a dissemination on the national platform DUMAS. They will be pointed out on the  UPPA university library catalogue,, but also in the national collective catalogue of higher education, the SUDOC.

Dissertation form

A style sheet, common to all the masters, is available.
You have to follow the redaction instructions, please don't forget to include in your dissertation a summary and some keywords in French, and the anti-plagiarism declaration.

Download the anti-plagiarism declaration.

Dissertation and copyrights

The student is granted of a complete copyright on his dissertation which covers the moral and patrimonial rights.
Download the information document in relation to dissertation copyrights.

If a publishing house wishes to publish your dissertation, we invite you to the greatest care before you engage with them, and we recommend you to ask advice to your research director or to the staff of your reference library.


1 Each department inside the UFR chooses its eligibility standards for the submission in DUMAS