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Your thesisSubmission instructions

In accordance with the 25th may 2016 decree

Instructions for the PhD student


One month before the oral defence 

1. Send the PDF electronical version of your thesis to (these.elec @ single file, less than 80 Mo).

Before submission, this file has to be tested by yourself  on


Your file is too big? Upload it on the temporary files deposition place of your university (choose 15 days for the conservation period). You will be given a temporary link, copy it in the mail to these.elec @ so as to complete the submission of your thesis.


2. Upload the personal information form (Word file), complete it and send it to these.elec @ as you did with the electronical version of your thesis.


After the oral defence

3. Bring the UPPA contract of thesis distribution, in two printed copies (please no scan), to the Thesis service. Please print the file and have it signed by your thesis director and your laboratory or unit director, and sign it. After your oral defence, either come or post it to the following address without delay:

Service Commun de Documentation

Service des thèses

Campus universitaire - BP 7506 - 64075 Pau cedex


Once signed by the University, a copy will be sent back to you by post to your place. The doctors who go back abroad will be careful to give us the new postal address where the Thesis service can send the copy.


4. If corrections have been required by the jury, the doctor has up to three months to submit the latest electronical version of the thesis.


I have submitted my thesis, what happens next?

When you submit your thesis, you may request that access to your dissertation be restricted. If you don't, the full-text will be available online on the following websites : et thèses en ligne.


Whatever you decide, your thesis will be automatically pointed out on , in the SUDOC catalog Sudoc (Système Universitaire de Documentation) and on Dart-Europe

Besides, your thesis will be stored in a durable way at the CINES (National Computer Centre for Higher Education).